BSV mechanical Scissor grabs

Better working environment – higher efficiency

BSV lifting- and handling tools are designed to increase efficiency while handling elements.
All these tools are user friendly, and result in efficient assembly, and a better and safer working environment. All products are of the highest quality and work 100% mechanically. All BSV products are designed to, with minimal maintenance, handle adverse environments and are very durable.
All BSV lifting and handling tools are delivered with a lifting eye for quick attachment in crane hook, turning link, hydraulic rotator, mobile crane or on a fork truck. .

Single element scissor grabs to handle kerbstones and other rectangular blocks
Double arm scissor grabs for handling heavier and multiple blocks
BSV multi adjustable grab for handling many different size blocks
TBSV RB grab to handle single concrete tubes
BSV scissor grabs for handling well rings
BSV grab to handle road barrier elements
BSV grabs for handling wall elements
BSV grab for handling hollow core elements
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